The Hospitality professional established her reputation as the Hostess of the stars, of the creative brains and the “wild-children” from a wide variety of lifestyle and business sectors through her award-winning Hotel Q !.

Thanks to the “Best Design Hotel in the World”, she quickly became the best-known Hotel manager of the 2000’s in Berlin.

Various TV shows, hundreds of international PR articles from Germany to Japan, testimonial orders and even an own fashion label formed the basis for the colourful network of the perfectionist with an inspiring dynamism.

For years, the skilful string puller has understood how to link different branches in such a way as to create the most incredible projects.

Her areas of expertise are „Turn-around“ and „Change“ management of existing projects and new concepts.


The Sommelier and Gastro expert from Beaujolais is a real globetrotter: born in France, grown up in West Africa, 10 years abroad in New Zealand – and in between job positions almost all over the world.

The travel-crazy Frenchman started his first operational management tasks in the hospitality industry at the age of 20. Career positions in F&B to the position of Hotel Assistant-Manager followed until his way back to Europe.

The Wine-crazy Gastro visionary successfully passed his Diploma WSET Level 4 in 2019 and his Advanced Sommelier Exams. He is now able to apply for the study Program of „The Institute of Master of Wine“, as for the “Master Sommelier” exams from the „Court of Master Sommeliers“.

Operational management processes and restructuring are his speciality.


The tourism manager from Frankfurt completed her studies with a focus on „Sustainable Tourism“ and training as „Multidimensional Life Coach“. Our secret weapon in terms of generation XYZ!

As is appropriate for a generation Y representative, she already gained initial tourism experience in Germany as well as abroad during her studies and then gained management and organisational experience working for the biggest aircraft charter broker in the „Commercial Jets“ department.

The People’s Manager conveys her knowledge and feel for and about teams, people and trends in classic seminars and creative workshops with a focus is in the areas of marketing and communication. Their structured approach combined with their solution-oriented thinking brings completely new approaches to old structures and new concepts.

Private and individual coaching (including in the area of ​​personal development) can also be booked at: www.sophia-saenger.de

Our Agency

flexible project teams

Trends, markets and management requirements are changing rapidly and continuously today. In order to always stay on the ball here, speed and absolute flexibility are required.

We succeed in this by working out a different view on things with our top-class network from a wide variety of industries and areas. 

As a result, visionary and economically stable “talk of town” projects are created that are sharply adapted to the needs of the market.

We work in a wide variety of disciplines together with the best agencies, law firms and individuals in the respective subject on a project basis.

This keeps our agency overhead costs under control and always guarantees fresh impulses and inputs.

From digital rookies to award-winning stars from various industries – it is important for us to work with the country’s most creative minds.

Network areas:

  • All digitisation topics and online marketing
  • Fashion and design
  • Interior and set design
  • Music
  • Lifestyle collaborations
  • Chefs, Sommeliers, Bartenders
  • PR
  • Real estate agencies and Law firms
  • VIPs and Athletes
  • Influencer and referral marketing