*We create new things and consolidate the tried and trusted

Nothing is as constant as change. In today’s world, companies face a variety of economic and social challenges. New working environments, changing market and company structures, digital transformation and changing needs of employees influence companies internally and externally. CCM3 is the link between these worlds. We unite traditions with trends and old with young. We create the new and strengthen the tried and trusted.

× Our Range Of Services

Individual projects for unique companies

Every project is special. The respective goals, motivations, visions, and needs are diverse. That’s why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions or standardized working papers. We work with you to develop custom-fit approaches and implementation methods that are tailored to your individual goals and requirements.

We observe and listen carefully. We are your managers, organisers, coordinators, project leaders, sparring partners, strategic advisors, and coaches.

Strategic Project Management

– Trailblazer –

We manage your projects according to your needs from planning to completion. Aligned with your strategic business goals, we keep an eye on the big picture and contribute to your company’s long-term success.

Implementation measures:

/ Strategic project consulting

  • Iterative order clarification
  • Presentation of status quo
  • Various project analyses
  • Definition of future scenarios
  • Project conception

/ Development of project strategies

  • Process design
  • Project planning
  • Identification of relevant internal and external key players
  • Activation of CCM3 network

/ Management Project implementation

  • Classical PMO
  • Project management / sub-project management
  • Operational interim management (temporary assumption of leadership positions)
  • Organization, coordination, and scheduling
  • Execution, management, and control of processes
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Applicant management
  • Ongoing consulting

Strategic people management

→ Companionship →

In order to successfully implement processes at the operational level in the long term, all the people involved must be managed and motivated. In doing so, we ensure that all employees and stakeholders have the necessary resources, skills, and knowledge to achieve the specified goals.

Implementation measures:

/ Process listing

  • Workshops and individual meetings
  • Process evaluation and analysis of the overall situation
  • Strategy review for human challenges
  • Adaptation of strategic project goals to human needs

/ Process optimization

  • Continuous development, adaptation, and improvement of processes
  • Control and compliance with timelines and milestones
  • Generating motivation and team spirit
  • Adjustment and fine-tuning of strategy

» Do you need help in strategic management and coordination of your projects? Do you lack operational management? «

× How We Do It?

Our Hospitality Mindset

→ Our roots are in the hotel and gastronomy industries. Therefore, our hearts beat for creatively thought-out projects, perfect processes, and unique results.

→ We bring experience from a working world that is constantly changing and is especially allowed to redefine and reinvent itself in these times.

→ We maintain an organisational overview in complex situations. We take responsibility and do not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by sudden stressful situations.

→ We do not work in templates and prefabricated Excel tables. We solve complex challenges „hands-on“, pragmatically, and creatively.

→ As team players and people managers, we know that change must always be supported by all people involved in the process in order to be successful.

» We take all stakeholders with us on the journey. Together, we turn complex challenges into new opportunities – and goals into tangible and realistic results. «

× Our Way Of Working

Holistic & Diverse

Integrative Management

Our project work is focused on considering all aspects of a project in a holistic and economically efficient framework. We not only navigate our clients through the projects, but always consider all the people and stakeholders involved in the process. We do not act like a classic agency, but team colleagues and team players.
In order to be able to react quickly to unpredictable changes, we integrate ourselves into the respective client team. During the project, we always maintain an overview of all processes, changes, conflicts, risks, and partial successes – and act at eye level with those responsible for management.

Unique network

We are bridge builders between business and lifestyle, different generations, trends, and traditions. Our unique and diverse network allows us to identify relevant key players with specific skills from a wide range of sectors and to include them in our projects in a way that adds value. In this way, we offer you fast and cross-industry access to resources and expertise.
Our clients operate in an increasingly competitive market and are constantly looking for new opportunities to strengthen their position. With our network we create exclusive competitive advantages and develop creative as well as efficient solutions together.